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GOROCHAN (गोरोचन)

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Gorochan (गोरोचन) is another very rare product. This product is obtained from the head of the cow and is very difficult to get. One must not be mistaken with the fake products that are available in the market.

Gorochan (गोरोचन) is basically a stone or ‘bezoar’ found in some cattle like cow, bull, ox and yak. The presence of gorochan in an animal is detected by the nocturnal sounds made by the animal in its sleep. Generally, it is an animal part collected from the head of cow which is the gall bladder of the cow. It is not present in all the cows.It is considered very useful as it is valuable source of medicine for both internal and external treatment of diseases. It can remove black spots on skin, it is used as a beauty product as it improves complexion. Cow is considered sacred for Hindus and its products also are considered equally auspicious having several medicinal values. Gorochan (गोरोचन) is used in the production of many tantric products. For example, it is used in making Vasyam marunthu which can make others obey you, if you apply this as tilak in your forehead. Then the person you meet will obey your orders.